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Practical programs that restore, 

protect & build employee TRUST.
Improve teamwork. Reduce staff turnover.
Attract great talent.


FC Marketing now has a brand new name, Fran Connelley Culture & Communications

to better reflect the work I’m doing and lovinghope you like the new site! - Fran

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Why is Culture the #1 Priority?

If you're in disability, aged care or mental health, then your customer or client isn't looking for a transaction. They're looking for someone they can TRUST. If your front-line employees feel heard, valued and supported, so will your customers. 

With a massive workforce shortfall, high staff turnover, rapidly increasing competition, two Royal Commissions and a pandemic, Culture has now become the key business driver in the Australian community services sector.

An active commitment to improving culture not only makes good business sense, it demonstrates that your values are more just than words.

"Fran understands the realities of the non-profit sector and the frontline employee experience. She ‘gets’ it and speaks our language." - Edward Birt, The Disability Trust

What's it like working with Fran?

Hear from Mark Kulinski, Chief Executive, Community Living Australia

and Chair, National NDS Workforce Committee.

The 5 Step Process

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Our programs are based on a proven 5 step process.

It all begins with listening to your people. We conduct a deep dive analysis of your current culture to understand the key issues and patterns of thinking driving daily behaviours.


We then guide your team through the practical steps to develop a Culture Action Plan that is realistic, measurable and achievable.  

Our approach is sensitive, collaborative and fully customised to suit your situation. We can support you all the way, or some of the way, depending on your needs.

“Authentic and knowledgeable. Fran understands the external policy and social landscape and has a natural ability to connect,  motivate and inspire.“- Simone Power, Cerebral Palsy Support Network


The Discovery Program icon

The Culture

  • Understand your key culture issues

  • Get to the heart of the employee experience

  • Includes Culture Assessment Report

Bringing the Brand Alive icn

The Bringing the Brand Alive Program

  • Engage your people in a culture building methodology

  • Understand actual cultural patterns in your workplace

  • Craft a compelling Employee Value Proposition

  • Collaborate to create a practical Culture Action Plan

The Culture Masterclass

  • Train your people in the methodology

  • Learn ways to address future culture issues

  • Embed culture building practices


With great case studies and interviews, Fran’s first book, How to Thrive Under the NDIS, covers the sustainability challenge of the new  funding model.


Her second book, Workplace Culture and the NDIS, outlines a marketer’s approach to organisational change. Her 5 step process builds an authentic, living brand and a high performance, values based culture.

Available now


The companion Workbook (PDF only) includes practical exercises, templates and videos to help you apply Fran’s methodology.

Available now


“Insightful and practical. 'Workplace Culture & the NDIS' is an important book. It adds considerable value to the reader allowing them to use this resource at the coal face of day-to-day organisational development.”

- Prof. David J Gilchrist


Former CEO,

Westhaven Ltd

“Fran is an insightful and passionate advocate for the work that NGOs do that makes so many disadvantaged people’s lives better.”