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Fran presenting to a client workshop
"Fran is an insightful and passionate advocate for the work that NGOs do..."

Our purpose

To build kinder, more supportive workplaces, where people feel valued and respected, where they are held accountable for their actions, and where they feel supported to make a meaningful difference in the lives of others.

About Fran Connelley

Fran Connelley is an author, business mentor, blogger and communications expert with over 25 years’ non-profit sector experience, including 12 years in the disability sector. Initially as CEO of FC Marketing and then as CEO of Fran Connelley Culture & Communications, a business which specialises in helping CEOs create a great place to work and transform the lives of their clients, participants and the communities they serve.


Fran is well known for her practical approach to culture based on a shared purpose, role clarity, empathetic listening and authentic leadership. In a logical career progression, she now works closely with CEOs as a Business Mentor. Her 1:1 coaching programs focus on building Leadership Communication skills, Strategic Business skills and Culture Building skills. 


She has written two books, 'How to Thrive Under the NDIS' and ‘Workplace Culture & the NDIS’. Both are available from Amazon and Booktopia or direct from


Fran is an inspiring facilitator and has delivered over 200 non-profit marketing and culture workshops to organisations and received an average evaluation score of 9/10. She is also a speaker and has been a presenter for the AICD, NDS, Connecting Up, the FIA, Cerebral Palsy Alliance, Scope Australia, CatholicCare, the CPA, ACSA and CommBank


Our values



We never assume we have the answers. We strive to understand each individual and organisation by asking great questions and listening for the answers.

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We promise honest, authentic and transparent conversations and open dialogue. We decline projects that don’t fit our values or purpose.



We seek to delight, engage and inspire with insights and programs that exceed expectations. We thrive by inspiring others.


Former CEO,

Westhaven Ltd

“Fran is an insightful and passionate advocate for the work that NGOs do that makes so many disadvantaged people’s lives better.”

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