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"Not only will this be highly useful in my workplace, but also for my personal well being."
- Support Worker, S.A.

The Culture Review

Before we can address or even influence workplace culture, we have to understand where you are now. 

The Culture Review provides an independent assessment of the health of your current workplace culture. We can focus either on one specific part of your business or the whole organisation.  Either way, you will gain a better understanding of where you are now and what may be driving current behaviour patterns.  


This deep dive analysis provides key insights into the influences, activities and emerging issues impacting the employee experience. The process itself is personally conducted by Fran. It is highly supportive in manner and conducted with the goal of building trust, respect and engagement.  All results are de-identified to maintain project integrity.

The Culture Review is designed to sit alongside your staff engagement surveys. The key deliverable is a Culture Assessment Report which summarises results.


How it works

  • Step 1: Document Review

  • Step 2: Conduct 1:1 confidential interviews

  • Step 3: Prepare a Culture Assessment Report.

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