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Workplace Culture & The NDIS

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"Insightful and practical. This is an important book."  Prof. David J Gilchrist

“Your book resonates so well with the reality of the NDIS experience.  It is current, recent and such a good synopsis of the new marketplace and the issues we face.  I’ve gifted copies to every Board member and every one on my senior leadership team. Keep up the fantastic work!”

Caroline Cuddihy, Chief Executive Officer, Sunnyfield disAbility Services.


"'Lead with Vision, Purpose & Integrity'. This quote says so much about the tone of this great book. A must-read for those operating in the Disability Sector to get the most from your workforce to give the most to your clients." Clare Malcolm, NDS Vic 

"I am excited to say that her latest book was yet another success, Fran has captured what Organisations need in their workplace to improve the Culture within their Business. Congratulations on yet another successful book and tool!"

Rene Viljoen, Regional Coordinator WA| EY Consulting Services - BLCW Program.

"I reread your book yesterday and can I just say I love it!  For me it is one of those reads that I go,” I know exactly what you mean and what a great idea”.  It is the best text any CEO can read about how to continue in this volatile market. " Belinda Columbrita, CEO, McCall Gardens

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Under the NDIS, the new key relationship for financial sustainability is the relationship between the frontline employee and the customer. Despite this, many organisations are implementing customer experience training with little regard for the actual ‘employee experience’ or workplace culture.


It is culture that enables people to perform at their best and, in the face of a Royal Commission and the NDIS Commission, it is culture that must become the key business driver in the new disability services sector.  With great case studies and interviews, Fran’s second book outlines an extremely practical approach to organisational change that builds trust, humanity and an authentic, living brand. 


Workplace Culture and the NDIS was written for CEOs and Directors seeking to support their employees through the massive internal and external changes affecting the disability sector - and attract future talent. Applying marketing principles to the employee experience, the book includes Fran’s 5 Steps for Building a High Performance Culture.


Interviewees include:

David Moody from NDS, Rob White from CPA, Kerry Stubbs from Northcott, Laura O’Reilly from Fighting Chance, Leanne Fretten from Sylvanvale NSW, Sean Dempsey from Plan Partners, Melinda Kubisa from Community Living Options SA, Anita Bayford from Disability Living SA, Michael Chester from Uniting Care West Perth, Robyn Kaczmarek from The Cooperative Life, Nicola Hayhoe from The Housing Connection NSW, Aviva Beecher- Kelk from Clickability, Georgina Chalker from Samaritans NSW.


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"The most important thing I found was the absolute value of the client and how important they are to the whole organization. Your book makes it all personal and we all need to own the ‘brand’. Thank you and congratulations."

Kerry Strange, Manager, Art Central

"Not just another book about culture –THE book on Workplace Culture!"

Nicole Walsh, People & Culture Executive Manager, Multicap

Workplace Culture
& The NDIS

The Workplace Culture and the NDIS Workbook is the online companion workbook to Fran’s latest book. It features practical exercises, videos, discussion guides, organisational charts and more to help you apply her methods in your organisation. Additional resources include the critical success factors for in-house trainers and how to become an inspiring speaker.
This PDF download has been developed in collaboration with talent development expert, Eimer Boyle.
You will receive a link via email for download.
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This is a PDF Download. 

How to Thrive
Under the NDIS 
7th Reprint

“An essential read for Board members, CEOs and senior managers seeking to understand how marketing strategy and research should be positioned and best utilised in the NDIS environment.” 

Brian Kirk, NDS Project Manager - NDIS Transition National

“ This book is my NDIS marketing bible”

Kylie Johnson, Australian Red Cross


“This book is a breath of fresh air, full of optimism and encouragement that we are all up to the challenge”

Liz Bishop, Melbourne City Mission


How to Thrive under the NDIS is an honest and informative narrative to guide your organisation’s transition into the evolving disability sector. This book features interviews from industry leaders and case studies following each chapter.


Following Fran’s Seven Steps to Sustainability, you will understand how to identify your ideal niche, build your brand and define your strategic direction while creating a customer-focused culture in a practical action plan.


Praise for the book:

 “I loved Fran’s book. It is an easy, quick read, informative, thought provoking and providing a comprehensive guide for organisations in their preparations to transition into the NDIS”

Anna Fleming, ONCALL


“The themes of this book are very strongly around defining your organisation’s mission, vision and strengths to build your brand”

Denise Heath, CEO NADO


“It has inspired me with lots of great ideas about how to forge ahead, to foster a culture of quality and innovation in what is already a great organization with potential to achieve even greater outcomes with our customers”

Michael Chester, UnitingCare West


“It is an indispensable textbook, not just for disability providers, but for board members, CEOs, executives and managers of all levels in the Australian not-for-profit sector”

Peter Crane, Mt Gravatt Community Centre


also available on
Amazon and Booktopia

For orders of 3 or more books or overseas orders please email Fran direct.


7th Reprint


(Incl. $8 Shipping and GST)

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