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The problem: Culture programs are conducted which may not be a ‘culture-fit’ for the non-profit organisation. Great employees sense the values disconnect and feel further alienated or isolated. Massive amounts of time lost talking about culture.

Symptoms: Excessive use of jargon and corporate change management language. Values lack relevance to daily behaviours. Little genuine staff consultation or collaboration in the culture strategy.

In my experience, there are usually three reasons why culture change programs come unstuck for non-profits:

The language isn’t accessible. Concepts are presented using corporate change management jargon or the latest organisational change theory. Nothing really feels authentic. Values sound more like buzzwords.

The program is not developed in full collaboration with every layer of the organisation. As a result, there’s little team ownership or buy-in.

The program lacks a practical action plan that clearly identifies tools, strategies and measurable targets. There’s no blueprint for change and little accountability.

Bookings for Bringing the Brand Alive [2.0], my culture program for non-profit organisations opened yesterday. For more info please visit #workplaceculture


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