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The problem: Multiple, uncoordinated communication channels block effective communication.

Symptoms: Excessive reliance on email. Unclear task ownership. Unfinished projects. Increasing interpersonal conflicts. Software platforms don’t interface.

When it comes to building a healthy workplace culture HOW you communicate lies at the heart of protecting your culture.

Face to face builds trust faster than any other channel. If you can’t do face to face, pick up the phone, Zoom, write a note. The more personal the channel, the more effective the communication.

In a pandemic, it’s much harder, but even more vital. Because digital communication alone can’t build a relationship or ensure your message is heard and understood.

If your organisation uses multiple communication channels (e.g. MS Outlook, MS Teams, SharePoint, Zoom, CRMs, Rostering) then an avalanche of emails will be overwhelming your frontline management.

Your Team Leaders have little time left to train or mentor their teams. Many are struggling to check 4 or 5 different communication channels a day just to “stay on top” of the workload.

The proliferation of software platforms is creating unrealistic expectations of great people.

HOW you communicate matters as much as WHAT.

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