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The problem: An outdated structure blocks communication in the non-profit organisation. Symptoms: Increasing interpersonal conflicts, higher staff turnover, a pervasive sense of “mission-drift”.

Do you ever get the feeling that even the simplest task feels too difficult? It may be because you’re trying to drive the business strategy with an outdated organisational structure.

On the one hand, you’ve may have a hefty admin burden thanks to the varying requirements of particular funding models.

On the other hand, in order to actually deliver a quality service you have to be able to nurture the customer/ frontline support worker relationship. Lose touch with your frontline workers and you’ve lost touch with your business - because the frontline IS the business.

In times of rapid operational change (e.g. a pandemic) clear communication is even more crucial. This is only possible with the right structure; one that facilitates listening, understanding and collaboration, rather than more email traffic.

This is not about jumping on the latest organisational theory. It’s about remodelling your business in a way that places your customers at the heart of your business, reconnects with your founding mission and inspires your people.


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