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Rather than write my book...

It’s started again. This morning I found myself at the kitchen bin, forensically cleaning the underneath bit of the bin’s lid. For me, this is highly unusual. I then realised that I had fallen once again into the deep, manic procrastination phase of book writing.

Here is a list (useful to nobody really, except it’s another great delaying tactic which I badly need right now) of some of the things I found myself doing back in 2015, with my first book:

  • Cleaned the dust from the back of my fan heater (it was winter).

  • Rang my telco provider for several nice long chats and phone queues.

  • Carefully read all the emails in my Junk box.

  • Dusted my home office.

  • Checked and updated every event and birthday in our kitchen calendar.

  • Dusted the little ridge at the top of the bathroom tiles.

  • Reconfigured my emails for a new domain host plan.

  • Found all my old handbags and cleaned them out. (Yeuch!)

  • Cleaned my mobile phone cover. (Double Yeuch!)

  • Washed the dog. (Not as bad as the phone cover)

  • Rearranged the photos and magnets on the fridge

  • Made a list of all the things I was doing.

Having said all that, my last book of 50,000 words or so was written in six months in 2015. The 4.30am mornings and the RSI in my right wrist were absolutely worth it. Not only was my house sparkling by the end of it- but, seriously, I met so many new, wonderful, kind people simply because I had become an author.

So a huge thank you to all my dear readers out there in LinkedIn-Land, for buying my first book, How to Thrive Under the NDIS, which is now in its sixth reprint. It’s still selling on Amazon and Booktopia and, (amazingly), I even have readers in Europe and the USA. (Go figure…). Roughly 40% of all my website orders are repeat orders - which is really nice.

Gratitude feels like too brief a word to describe just how I feel.

But right now, I have to focus. 

Yes, my second book is underway and I’ve discovered Pine-0-Clean wipes are wonderful for cleaning out those tricky window sill corners.


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