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Putting Culture Front and Centre

It's an understatement to say that 2018 has been a bad year for culture in this country's major institutions. It got me thinking about how easy it is to take some things for granted.

As a marketer, I’m often asked to deliver “customer experience training”. However, before we can begin to address the customer experience, we need to address the actual employee experience. We need to start at the start - with the organisation's culture.

From what I’ve seen this year working with disability providers in most states, too many good people (at every level) are burning out. Too many good people are leaving the sector at a time when the workforce needs to rapidly expand to meet demand. If this continues, quality will take a nosedive as a new class of 'working poor' emerges in response to an unrealistic NDIS price guide which also provides little room for staff training or development.

In the perfect storm of the NDIS, it’s culture that holds it all together. However, it has to become more than rhetoric. It has to become a whole-of-organisation priority.

Peter Drucker famously said, 'Culture eats strategy for breakfast.' Not only does culture help you hang onto great people (and attract more) - once a leadership team truly commits to creating a customer centric, values based culture, it's amazing how clearly they see new strategic opportunities. I've seen this in practice.

But culture has to come first.

There are practical steps that non-profits can take that won’t break the bank. If you're interested, please join me on Wednesday 28th November at 11am ADST for a webinar I’m presenting for Connecting Up called, How to Build a High Performance Culture under the NDIS – Part 2. (If you missed Part 1. don't worry. I'll do a bit of a re-cap at the start. If you can’t make it, sign up anyway for the slides. I guarantee you’ll get at least ten times the value of the $30 ticket or I'll personally refund it.)

In the webinar I'll be sharing my 7 step framework for building a high performance culture - because I believe we have to make workforce culture a priority - not just because it's the right thing to do by the workforce, but it's also the right thing to do for the thousands of vulnerable Australians who deserve quality support services.

I can't help with the NDIS price guide...but this IS something I can help with. :)


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