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CULTURE TIP #6: Share great stories

The problem: Lack of teamwork, trust or connection.

Symptoms: So many! But if I had to pick one: An avalanche of emails that ‘cc’ other people.

I usually begin every workshop with individual storytelling. As I go around the room, asking each attendee the same question – something physically tangible happens.

The energy shifts and softens. People laugh, smile and relax. And a group of people who may have never met before, begin to interact as one team.

It’s easy to overcomplicate culture with corporate rhetoric and HR-speak. However, the simple truth is that strong cultures are built on authentic, first person storytelling.

Our stories create our identity. Without even knowing it, we can get ‘stuck’ in old storylines that no longer serve us or are actively destructive.

The same is true for organisational culture. Because we’re human, people will always have their version of a story about WHY things happen. These stories can bind or divide the team; they can empower or crush the employee.

The stories we tell shape the ‘internal brand’ or organisational identity. They shape how we see our role, our connection to the mission and our ability to achieve the vision.

Great leaders know how to share authentic, compelling stories that demonstrate their values in action. Great stories build strong cultures.


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