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CULTURE TIP #5: HR and Marketing must work as one.

The problem: Marketing and HR departments don’t work as one to deliver consistent internal and external communications. The internal brand doesn’t match the external brand. This undermines your ability to build TRUST.

Symptoms: Inconsistent messaging, confusing ‘corporate- speak’ in internal communications, poor induction materials and a weak employee value proposition.

In markets where demand outstrips supply, such as disability and aged care, the marketing priority should be to focus on two key audiences, current and future staff.

If you are willing to accept that your employees are a key target market with unmet needs and frustrations that deserve to be heard, then you can begin to use the internal brand to develop an AUTHENTIC, inside-out, values driven approach to cultural change.

This requires your HR and marketing teams to work as ONE TEAM to ensure clear, consistent messaging across all internal and external communications.

We need to see the employee experience and the customer experience as two sides of the single most important relationship in the organisation.

How you communicate is as important as what you communicate.

An effective Culture Action Plan requires clear and consistent, values-driven communications both internally and externally. If there is any internal ‘disconnect’ with your values – in tone or content- your staff will sense the lack of authenticity.


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