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The problem: The organisation has lost touch with its Mission.

Symptoms: Board discussions dominated by finance and risk reports, staff can’t explain how or why the organisation began, negative sub-cultures proliferate.

Maintaining a healthy, high performance workplace culture is extremely difficult if a transactional funding model is allowed to drive every decision.

In the context of the NDIS and a pandemic, it can be helpful to reconnect with why your organisation began and find new relevance for your mission.

An organisation’s ‘Origin Story’ is the single most powerful tool for building a strong culture because:

· It demonstrates that you have not lost sight of what matters.

· It brings the mission alive and acts as a stabilising cultural ‘anchor’.

· It connects your mission to the present and to your future.

· It inspires new ways to pursue the mission

· Authentic stories, shared with passion, connect people on an entirely new level

The second most important story is the ‘Leader’s Origin Story’.

Have the courage to make it personal. Share where you’ve come from and why your organisation’s mission REALLY matters to you.

Then invite your team (and Board) to think beyond the funding model in pursuit of that mission.

We human beings are hardwired to sit up and listen to stories. Authentic, well-structured stories make sense of information, they drive change and they’re the most powerful tool you have to repair and re-inspire your teams.


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