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39,570 Words Down And About 10,000 To Go!

It’s just a little over two weeks until my publisher expects the first draft of my next book. So why am I typing these words?  

I have now entered the advanced stage of extreme procrastination. This involves cleaning out the car, thinking about cleaning out the garage (it requires a lot of forethought and planning) and organising our next family holiday and yes…writing another post for Linked-In. (For anyone else searching for ways to waste time, you can find my earlier post on this topic here).

So, in an effort to further delay my next chapter I present some highlights below from my last 6 months of researching brilliant content around culture and the employee experience:

  • Matthew Dixon, ‘Reinventing Customer Service’, HBR Magazine, Nov- Dec 2018. This is a fabulous case study about what happened when T-Mobile created cross functional customer service teams that operated like local, small businesses. 

  • Nikki Gatenby, ‘Superengaged’, Coverage Book, 2018. Lots of practical, business savvy ideas to transform business performance by putting people and purpose first.

  • Annette Simmons, ‘Whoever Tells the Best Story Wins’, Amacom, 2015. A great guide to powerful storytelling. This book explains how to tell stories to engage your employees and your customers. 

  • L David Marquet, ‘The Turn the Ship Around! Workbook’, Portfolio Penguin 2018.Great practical content on intent-based leadership from the captain of the Sante Fe submarine. This stuff just makes sense, its values based and it worked. 

Yours from the procrastination capital of Sydney (my office) where we only have another 15 days until due date…


PS I’d love to hear your top 3 favourite reads from the last six months!


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